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Monday, May 08, 2006

literary leisure

I’m adjusting to the changing pace of “summer mode,” one of the glories of being an educator...Many outside of academe tease us of our leisurely days, especially our summers, and I suppose there’s some truth to that luxury of leisure. I like to think of this leisure as an exchange for the higher salaries of those in the 9-5 (or, in the case of corporate aspirants, much longer) workaday world. Given the choice, I think I would remain here, with less material wealth but more time to live the lifestyle that best suits me.

My ideal mornings involve a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, with cinnamon, pecans, and brown sugar to refuel my body, paired with perhaps a slice of buttered whole wheat toast and orange juice (Tropicana pure premium). Then it’s time to transition into writing, accompanied by a mug of strong coffee laced with a hint of sugar and cream.

My goal is to write in the mornings--to write in my journal as always, but also to keep this blog updated regularly. And then to work on my novel and/or my scholarly article, followed by a run, yoga program, or a trip to the gym. Slowly, my mind will work its way towards lunch, and the afternoon, ready to fill with more quiet literary work...and the day unfolds as such.

Yesterday was my first real “summer mode” day and I was quiet pleased with my quiet accomplishments. I also ate a few delicious meals, using my farmer’s market bounty as well as some bold new ideas. I made a roasted garlic parm risotto for dinner, accompanied with roasted asparagus, sauteed spinach, and a simple salad of baby lettuces, balsamic vinaigrette, and croutons made from Zingy’s paesano bread. A glass of Sancerre rounded out the meal. For dessert, I finished off the vanilla ice milk I made for L’s graduation celebration last week. I “roasted” some fresh pineapple, coated with brown sugar that just began to caramelize, and toasted coconut flakes. I placed both on the ice milk and then sprinkled the dish with a bit of Maker’s Mark bourbon. Definitely something to share with friends at some meal in the future. A bit tropical /exotic, a lot tasty, somewhat healthful, and simply delicious.

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