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Sunday, July 23, 2006

pavlovian conundrum

Ahhhhh...a perfect Sunday!

My morning began with my first 5K race since late March. The temp was right around 70 degrees, the skies blue and sun-filled. I found my friends from running group and we joked around until the race began. I found myself setting out ahead of them, and pushed myself like never before to earn a time of 26.42! I wanted to shout my time to the world...of course, I was nowhere near the top of my age group (21 of 73), but I’m still making wonderful progress for myself.

Then I came home, lazed around, ate and drank throughout the day, and then decided on a dinner plan: potato leek soup a la Julia Child (I have a book out of the library), a salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette (using my schnazzy new Raspberry Champagne Vinegar from Zingy’s), an ear of corn on the cob (doesn’t quite match, but I was craving another sweet, salty, crunchy experience since I had a piece yesterday), and the coup de grace: a chocolate raspberry pavlova a la Nigella.

I headed out to World Market because I needed a chocolate bar for the pavlova, and wanted a bottle of wine. I bought a half bottle of 2003 Conundrum, a wine I had enjoyed as part of a wine flight tasting at a local restaurant. When I was paying for these items, the checkout girl carded me (hoorah!) and then said, “I love that word, conundrum.” I smiled with the recognition of a fellow wordie, and told her the wine was as good as the word and together, and thought to myself that it’s about as much fun as saying and drinking Pinot Noir (how can you not say that in a sexy way?).

So far, the wine and dinner was excellent. I’m waiting for the last of the meringue disks to finish baking so I can go for a post-prandial stroll to mitigate the intoxicating effects of one small-ish glass of Conundrum after a day of fast running and slow lazing.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Well, I am not sure how this works, so let's make this a test.
    I am about to go out for a speed workout. I will jog a mile, then do 6x400 at a fast pace, then I will jog a mile home.

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Okay, I have finished my run and I see that my test entry was posted, so I am feeling a little more comfortable with this whole computer thing. Well, I am happy with my morning run. I ran my first mile in 9:40, which is good for me. Then I was able to run my 400's in 2:00 each. I am happy because I think that is an 8 min/mile pace. That does not mean that I can run an 8 min/mile pace for a race, like our very own darmagirl, but I am definately working on getting a little faster. The other thing about my run today was that it was raining. I really dislike running in bad weather. I am pretty soft about things like that, but since I was all dressed and ready to go, and did not notice that it was raining until I stepped outside, I decided I had better go through with it. Do you think that my husband will think that I am tough?