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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Yummy, sticky, sugary, gooey, crunchy...what could be as kitchsy and lovable as a s'more? Yesterday my family grilled a late lunch/early dinner and I was craving that old campfire treat, so I stuck two jet puffed marshmallows on a long skewer, held it over the dying charcoal coals until the marshmallows started a precipitous slide toward the grill grate, and then sandwiched them with graham crackers and a chunk of hershey's milk chocolate. And though I really don't like the aforementioned "chocolate" anymore (I will refrain from my sharing my chocolate tasting notes and sounding ridiculously snobby), there's something classic about the flavor combination...(though next time I'd love to use some dark 70% valrhona and see what happens...)

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