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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

longing for words and treats

I miss blogging! I miss baking! I miss thinking thoughts that are unrelated to motivating lazy, difficult, and ill-prepared students, and I miss conversations that don't revolve around those same students:)

To that end, I'm dedicating this weekend to writing/baking/deep thoughts, and I can't wait. I have a conference paper to create--a fun piece on the evolution of romance fiction in the digital age. I will bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I will sketch out the mini-study abroad course I want to propose (American Ex-Pat Writers in...PARIS!). And I may follow the swirling, colorful leaves Northward to Door County to drink in the gorgeousness that is middle fall...

And I will share with you all some untold stories about Chicago. And lines from men in local bars. And my favorite fall moments.


  1. So....that's sad, it looks like you won't be coming for homecoming...?

    I'm enjoying checking out your blog periodically!

    :) Lou

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lou:) I've enjoyed your blog too--such wonderful photographs! I'll miss y'all at homecoming! Give the *Alma* mater a big hug from me:)