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Monday, August 03, 2009

daily bliss: road trip + restoration

Look for me to cross the bridge noon-ish tomorrow...

Eight hours of sheer beauty.

Eight hours of swell music.

Several days relaxing with one of my best friends and her family at the most magical, restorative place I know. Long walks on the beach. Splashing in the waves and digging in the sand with my "niece" S. Tasting (and buying) bubbly wine with H. Enjoying meals with the whole gang. Sharing 'sconnie goodness (a sampling of cheeses and a bottle of prairie fumé). Exploring the city and the smallish resort towns. Marveling at towering dunes.

from atop the 200 foot dune at sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore, 2008

Endless satisfaction in a mini-vacation before work and routines begin anew.

H and I, 2008

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  1. Sounds divine - have a wonderful time!