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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

twd: chewy, chunky blondies

What to bring to a holiday weekend gathering Up Nort, where the beverage of choice is Miller Lite, and the days stretch long into the evenings (nights, next mornings...)?

Cookies and Brownies? (been there, done that).

Chewy chunky blondies? (perfect).

Nicole, of Cookies on Friday, selected this recipe, a perfect fit for a lazy, sun-filled weekend of laughter, sunscreen, Boone's Farm carbonated fruity malt beverage, and the ubiquitous Miller Lite.

These bars have bits of deliciousness—walnuts, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and coconut—baked into a scotchy, buttery dough. They were a touch too buttery (read: greasy) for my taste, but I suspect that could be easily adjusted next time I make them. And, yes, there will be a next time.

For they pair so nicely with adult beverages, that I suspect they'd be even better with coffee. Or milk.


  1. THOSE look perfectly delicious. I guess I will just have to make these again.

  2. they look gorgeous!

  3. Yum. Those look so thick and rich and delicious! Mine fell a bit in the center. We loved these.

  4. Gorgeous lake photo and gorgeous blondies! I remember Boone's Farm beverages! :D

  5. Oh wow... I had to stare at the beauty that is your blondie there for a second. Its amazing!! So tall and proud!

    So glad you liked them. Next time, try underbaking just a tad and have one with a glass of milk. You'll thank me. ;)

  6. They look wonderful to me! Great job!