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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

twd: chocolate ganache ice cream

topped with coconut and pecans...

True confession time: though I'm an admitted chocoholic, I don't usually order/purchase/make chocolate ice cream.

My old-school favorite? Mint chocolate chip.

My grown-up favorite? Some kind of coffee flavor with chocolate accents (chips, fudge, swirl).

Both flavors feature chocolate, but do not overwhelm with a chocolate base.

HOWEVER, several years ago my mom introduced me to Palazzo's triple chocolate gelato. And I started to change my mind about chocolate based ice creams.

Then, in Paris this May, I ordered a scoop of Cacao Amer, a deep, dark chocolate, accented with a scoop of Caramel Sel Beurre (salted, buttered caramel) at Berthillon. Mmmmm.

Dorie's chocolate ganache ice cream delivers a velvety scoop, even when made with skim instead of whole milk. The combination of 62% Scharffenberger and 70% Ghiradelli provided a rich chocolate flavor, though a milkier color.

My custard making skills are improving, and now I have Mr. Chill in the basement, with room to store my ice cream making canister and containers of experiments. I envision improvisations on this, and other ice creams, in the future.

Thank you, Katrina, of Baking and Boys, for choosing this cool treat on a hot week!


  1. I totally consider myself a chocoholic and thought this was almost too rich. Yet I still wanted bite after bite. Fun to know it works with lower fat milk. I almost never eat full fat ice cream and this stuff is certainly not low cal.
    Thanks for churning along with me this week.

  2. My mouth is watering. A LOT.

  3. Eh...Yum!!! I know this would be good with just about any add ins. Coconut/pecans included.

  4. That chocolate with the salted caramel swirl sounds like a little bit of heaven to me! Your pic looks tempting!!

  5. This looks delicious! ;) I am glad to be here, to enjoy this beautiful share! have a gorgeous weekend! ~Sharmila

  6. It looks absolutely incredible! Wish I could eat it right now!