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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

twd: rewind: pecan sticky buns

Last week I had an ambitious thought: make a pan of homemade sweet rolls, likely the cinnamon variety, for Christmas morning breakfast. For many years, my dad created a mock cinnamon roll, using a recipe he learned in boy scouts, which involved dropping bits of butter and a shower of brown sugar into a cake pan, and topping it with a package of canned biscuits--the kind that pop! out of the package when you start unrolling it--and baking them to golden perfection. Since we've stopped making these, there's limited sweetness on our holiday table, and I was determined to rectify such a sad situation.

We always have a banket wreath from the local Dutch bakery; banket is a flaky pastry filled with sweet almond paste. This year Gregg and I made homemade banket to taste test alongside the bakery version; while we liked out pastry better (Gregg was in charge of that step), the bakery filling topped ours in taste and texture.

As I graded student exams on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, it became clear that time was limited and my cinnamon roll dreams would not come to pass.

My apologies to the non-banket eaters (Mom and L), who feasted on cheese, bread, fruit, coffee, and mimosas alone.

As I settled back into home after a whirlwind trip to Michigan for the holiday weekend, I remembered that this week's TWD selection was a rewind. I paged through Baking: From My Home to Yours and soon was smitten with a photo of lush cinnamon, glossy pecans, and viscous caramel.

A week too late.

I made them anyway.

And, starting homemade brioche on Tuesday morning for a Tuesday blog post?

A day too late.

I beg forgiveness from all involved.

And I raise a petite, perfect roll in your honor.

Sweet and spicy and crunchy and soft and utterly delicious.

I have half a recipe of brioche dough tucked into the freezer, and promise to share next time.

Happy belated holidays, and happy belated TWD blogging.


  1. These look perfect! I also made them for the rewind this week, and thought the combination of flavors was just what this short week at work needed.

  2. Your cinnamon rolls do look perfect, as does your banket - tell Gregg I'm seriously impressed with his pastry skills! I'm sure there's a perfect filling recipe out there to match his beautiful pastry. I know all about that "Christmas morning ambition;" I planned to make Dorie's chestnut scones, but couldn't get to them. When I do - this weekend, perhaps - it will be a month too late!

  3. oh my gosh,
    your sticky buns made my tummy grumble its disapproval, for not being able to have any at this moment. haha !

    i adore your blog, and id love to follow & see more updates (:
    id really appreciate it if you could do the same~

    keep up the amazing work!