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Sunday, June 05, 2011

daily bliss: june is dairy, er, vegan month

Eleven years ago, I ventured into vegetarianism on a whim (and inspired by a cute southern boy I went on a few dates with).

Today, I'm happily vegetarian, eating a mostly whole foods diet, and only occasionally sampling bacon and ham (my kryptonite!).

For the last year and a half, I've thought about doing a vegan experiment, going as far as purchasing a vegan cookbook, the awesome Veganomicon. And yet, I couldn't make the leap. The thought of cafe au lait transformed with soy or almond or rice milk made my heart sink. I've eaten 90% vegan some days, but never 100%.

This week I'm going to try.

Seeking a cleansing and an overall wellness realignment, I'm turning to veganism for an almost week (Monday-Saturday) to jumpstart this return to a more healthful way of life. Today, I bought soy milk for my coffee. I thought about the foods I eat regularly that I'll need to avoid--a dish of low fat yogurt at snack time, a skiff of butter on a piece of whole wheat toast, a sprinkling of parmesan on pasta or salads.

This shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Except for dairy month.

June, that halcyon month of sapphire skies and deepening green foliage also recognizes one of Wisconsin's claims to fame: dairy. Each county celebrates with a breakfast on the farm event, spotlighting a great farm and dishing up plates full of dairy goodness.

Because our breakfast on the farm is next Sunday, I'm doubtful that this vegan experiment will turn out like the vegetarian one did.

I'll bet a wedge of 10 year aged Wisconsin cheddar on it:)


  1. Nancy Chick8:34 PM

    I started what I hope is a week of veganism today, too!

  2. I'm going to wish you luck in your quest this week, and will cheer with you wholeheartedly when you get to sample all that dairy goodness next weekend. I'd make a terrible vegan :)

  3. yay! two comments from nancys!

    good luck with your vegan week, nancy c. i was inspired by our detox talk:)

    oh, i'm already having dairy cravings. i think i too may make a lousy vegan. the best part of this exercise is an increased mindfulness towards food, which i need:)

  4. I agree: mindfulness is a good thing, in food as in just about every other area of life. Your week will inspire me!