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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

poetic bliss: day ten

To the Sharpie-wielding Women in the University Bathroom

Where someone has scratched I ♥ Sex
on the blue bathroom wall, you print I ♥ School
in wide tip exuberance, your boldness shining through
the white-out I ♥ Sex, the wall a chiaroscuro of
conflicting desire. In the next stall, you witticize grammar,
pondering the proper use of the semi-colon. You explain,
plainly, and provide an example, erroneous, and then
provide corrective notes. In the last stall, you quote
Bob Marley, urging us to swap the love of power for
the power of love, and I believe you, in your permanent
black ink voices, in your civil disobedience, in your reclamation
of this wall, the space, for something positive and true.


  1. I love reading your lovely words through poetry! I also love your blog! Very talented :)


  2. I enjoyed this! I also had to laugh, picturing those very stalls. ;)

  3. this is absolutely beautiful. only someone with a gift can make ordinary scrawled graffiti on bathroom stalls a work of poetry. i think your writing is amazing, soulful, and poetic. and i also think you deserve this: http://simplifywritelive.com/2012/05/16/ive-been-given-the-liebster-award/