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Saturday, November 17, 2007

fun times with the VP + the Beard

Last night my gang and I celebrated the end of another long week, jammed full of special presentations and observations, with a little trip to She-town for pizza and conviviality at Il Ritrovo. Once we had bread and water in our starved and parched bodies, conversation flowed, laughter reverberated, and fun reigned. I was pleased to make an appearance with friends rather than dining alone yet again. And I even garnered a flirtatious wink from the ever-amiable host.

This morning the rain turned into snow (which makes me think of that Dan Folgeberg song about meeting an old lover in the grocery store...that song breaks my heart every time I hear it). I've stayed warm inside, doing laundry and tidying my home. And--to my utter amazement--watching the downstairs neighbors pack their giant UHaul truck! They're moving!

My thoughts turn to Christmas, to gifts to make, and warm thoughts to share, to delicious treats to create. I think it will be a truffle year--hoorah! This, of course, necessitates an order from Chocosphere. With the snow and grey skies, it's also the time to stock up on SAD-staving-off chocolate bars. A little Cluizel, a handful of Pralus, and something new awaits me.


  1. "The Beard" and I are definitely up for some fantabulous chocolate! I need a recommendation on the *best* semi-sweet baking chocolate to use in truffles for the holidays!

  2. I'll be happy to make recommendations! I love Varhona 70% for truffles...it's not too expensive and very reliable, though it's more bitter than semi-sweet. Scharffenberger also makes a great, versatile chocolate. We should have a truffle making party!!!

  3. becky7:57 PM

    Hee! Smileyweasley, I love the name.

    You can see how creative I am.

    Actually, I have a blogger account, and a blog, but I kind of forgot what I called it. AWESOME. Except, not awesome.

    I am up for any and all baking parties. When I was in grad school, we did a christmas cookie baking party, which was pretty fun, although less daring and exciting than truffles! Yum!