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Sunday, November 04, 2007

fall back...

A glorious "extra" hour of sleep is a gift on these too-short weekends! Unfortunately, I awoke to ominous grey skies that hint at the winter to come...and the much cooler temperatures and flurries that will dance across the region in the next few days.

Here's a poem I'm working on (of course, the poem, and all content here is copyrighted, so please don't run off with my halting words and broken images:)

As of Yet Untitled

Just another Carrie Meeber
riding the rails, seeking adoration,
material comforts, and a pair of
snug blue jeans.

The train winds past Chicago warehouses
filled with so many hairless, naked
mannequins--rigid limbs askew,
preternaturally pert breasts pointing skyward.

Grandeur meets squalor meets expanses
of grain: corn and soy stretch from highway
to railway, eclipsing views of Lake Michigan,
as Illinois sighs into Wisconsin.

Vast expanses of emptiness between
sunglassed sadness and the gazes of passersby.
Eyes limned with tears, iPod buds in her ears,
a crumpled Vogue thrown on the vacant seat.

One bulging suitcase above, an overstuffed
shopping bag below, and a silent cell phone stuck
in her green purse. Miles to go before she’s home:
clutter, forgotten work, laundry,

and no rocking chair. Nowhere yet to dream
the happiness she hopes to know.


  1. Aunt B.6:16 PM

    Your poem! How sad, so fitting for this cold, dreary season.

    The kids have been working on writing Hebrew poetry, not rhyming repeating/rewording, expanding a thought or stating the opposite.

    Here is a sample (without editing)


    A. Beautiful, gentle
    A. Fast, strong
    B. Jumping, running
    C. Working and tame
    B. Galoping, walking
    C. Free and wild

    Any tips? Poetry has been intimidating to say the least.

    Your Dear Aunt B.

  2. Aunt B.6:18 PM

    To edit the above comment:

    Not rhyming, but repeating/rewording, expanding a thought or stating the opposite.

    :)Yes, my kids are homeskoold