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Saturday, December 01, 2007

baking up a storm

The first winter storm of the season brings excitement, nervousness, and non-stop weather updates on TV. I started my morning at Lowes, where I selected a snow shovel--my very first. I've never been in charge of snow removal before, so I needed to stock up on accoutrements. I then stopped at the grocery store to buy the items I forgot yesterday, and headed home to await the coming storm.

Light flurries began around 11:30, and continued to build, swirling with the increasing wind, and turning into a sleet, ice, and snow mixture, which continues as I write now.

To while away the stormy afternoon, I took refuge in the kitchen and welcomed my friend C. and her adorable, pink-loving, expert candy-cane smashing daughter T. Together we made chocolate sandwich cookies--two thin, delicious wafers filled with pink peppermint frosting and then rolled in the aforementioned smashed candies. And we attempted to make marshmallow fudge. I discovered that substituting regular milk for evaporated milk doesn't necessarily work so well, and my "fail safe fudge" turned into a fudge mousse. I'm thinking of rolling it into balls and calling it truffles...We had a lovely afternoon, chatting and baking, and it was just the holiday fun and friendly lift I needed on a day that otherwise would've seemed really long and rather lonely.

Tonight I had a long chat with my dear friend S. and worked on a Christmas gift for some friends...

If only every stormy day could be so peaceful and homebound:)

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  1. becky3:38 PM

    Accoutrements! One of my favorite words, although for a rather strange and twisted reason*.

    Glad you and C. had a nice time--I was planning on stopping by, but by the time the tree was up and our new living room rug installed..and various ornament-breaking disasters quelled (thanks to the toddler in the home), the freezing rain was coming down.

    See you tomorrow!

    *My love for the word involves a very angry Winnebago salesman, flies, copious use of swear words, and....well, here. Here's a link. It's at about 4:07: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSWUWPx2VeQ