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Saturday, December 15, 2007

a truth universally acknowledged...

watercolor sketch of Jane Austen by her sister Cassandra, 1804, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Saturday afternoons mean watching PBS cooking shows amidst grading, baking, and doing laundry. Between Rick Bayless' *Mexico, One Plate at a Time* and *America's Test Kitchen,* the most wondrous "commercial" appeared: montage of scenes from various Jane Austen films appeared, accompanied by the strains of Coldplay's tear-jerker "Fix You." At the end of the lavish display of love requited and not, appeared the kicker: The Complete Jane Austen, January 2008! Jane-ites, unite:)


  1. Ha!! I love it.

    We were also watching PBS this morning, and we also saw the Jane Austen "promo". Without missing a beat, I told Steve "I. Am Watching. That."

    Funny coincidence, no? Especially since we haven't watched TV on Saturday mornings in...well, ages.

  2. that's too funny! i see a jane austen movie-tea-party in our future, in my new home, which will be perfect for tea parties:)