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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Spring Break is a lovely tradition, though supreme sadness descends when the week ends and I must finish the semester in a mad push to the end. Spring Break typically symbolizes the tail end of winter and the around-the-cornerness of spring, hoorah! This winter, however, likes to linger. Yesterday we received 8 inches of snow in Western Michigan. I was worried that my drive back to Dairyland would be fraught or postponed, but the roads were clear, the sun bright, and music lilting. I hauled my bags of provisions--CHARD, Koeze's peanut butter, grazing fields eggs, bionaturae whole wheat pasta and crushed tomatoes, Uncommon Grounds coffee, sencha vanilla tea, two kinds of artisan bread from the Journeyman Cafe--into the house, made a quick pasta dinner, and turned on a little Spartan basketball, and tried to stretch vacation just a teensy bit longer...

And now here I am, with my large piles of student papers mostly graded, and just a few grants and proposals to craft before this week becomes too crazy-busy.

I'm starting to feel the call of lightweight, floaty dresses; tissue-tees; bright colored prep-ster capris a la jcrew; shiny, brightly colored flats; and fresh, shimmery, glossy make-up. Spring fashion delights me more than any other seasonal garb!

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