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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

twd: split level pudding

Football Sunday: a cool, grey day, leaves beginning to spill across still verdant lawns. During halftime I headed to the kitchen to mix up the pudding. 

"Cinnamon, espresso, or vanilla?" I asked G, who was diligently checking football scores around the NFL.

"Mmm, vanilla."

I happily agreed, and cut a two inch chunk of plump vanilla bean.

"Have you ever smelled a vanilla bean?" I summoned G to the kitchen.

"Mmm." [note: more descriptive comments are not allowed as G said he wasn't quote worthy this week, and I allowed all such comments to be strictly off the record.]

I made half of Dorie's recipe, using skim milk, the vanilla bean, as well as vanilla extract, to cut down on the fat and amp up the flavor. I eschewed her food processor method, and used just a saucepan and a bowl, which worked beautifully.

By the time the game started again, the pudding was done, and we sampled the still warm mixture. Our eyes widened as the fragrant smoothness coated our mouths. 


I divvied up last week's leftover ganache into two custard cups and topped each with the pudding. I settled back in to watch the Bears trounce the Lions. (boo!)

After a post-pummeling and pre-next-game walk, we ate the pudding. 

Full. Voluptuous. Simple. Pure. 

This recipe's utter ease requires the finest ingredients, as the flavors shine through, unmuddied by anything extra. 

Comfort. Homeyness. Warmth. 

Thank you, Garrett, of Flavor of Vanilla, for this week's delicious selection. 


  1. Looks fantastic. Glad you and G liked it.

  2. Glad it turned out so well using skim milk. I should have used a vanilla bean.

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM


    (it was yummy!)

  4. Looks fantastic! I usually make it with 1% milk, which also works fine. I love the picture with the vanilla bean seeds.