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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

daily bliss: pom cocktail

About a month ago, I received an email from POM Wonderful asking if I'd like to sample their product.

Having never a) tasted POM Wonderful and b) been chosen for product review, I accepted their offer.

A week later, a box with eight eight ounce bottles appeared!

A week after that, my Cooking Light magazine arrived (is anyone else extremely disappointed with the changes to this once venerable magazine? that deserves a post of its own...), with a recipe for a rosemary-syrup pom champagne cocktail.

This Saturday evening I decided to improvise. I poured about a quarter teaspoon of my favorite organic natural cane sugar in the bottom of a pink martini glass, added about one ounce of POM juice, and then filled the glass with some sparkling rose.

The color, reminiscent of the signature Sex and the City drink, brought cheer. The sweet tartness of the POM juice and the tiny bit of sugar refreshed. And, the effervescence of the sparkling wine giggled.

A fine, fine cocktail. Simple, elegant, and delicious.

Do you have any suggestions for my remaining POM juice?!?


  1. I SO agree with you about Cooking Light - it is no longer the magazine I used to love :(

    Your cocktail looks terrific!

  2. Cooking Light seems to be trying to become Taste of Home or something. And well...no disrespect meant, but there is a *reason* I don't subscribe to Taste of Home, you know?

    I have to throw some sympathy Cooking Light's way, though--Gourmet's shocking demise certainly has illustrated the precarious position of the traditional cooking mags right now. Sad, all around.

    As for the POM...how about pomegranite margaritas? The tart nature of the juice would work well, i think.