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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

twd: mini (not milk) chocolate (not bundt) cake

I have bundt pan envy.

The temptation to buy a mini bundt pan to bake these cakes was strong, but the nearest baking supply store is far-ish. Now that Spring semester has started, my regional sojourns are definitely limited.

And so, without the darling pans, I decided to make one six inch cake. I have a thing for babycakes;)

I read tweets and P & Qs and decided to use my standard 70% chocolate for the cakes to increase the chocolateyness, as many respondents reported mild chocolate flavor.

I also read tweets and P & Qs and decided not to make the glaze as it a) sounded like many people disliked it and had difficulties making it and b) I dislike corn syrup (yes, commercials, i know it's made from corn. but i watched king corn. i read a lot of writing about the food industry. i know how processed you are. i know how much oil you're consuming).

(have i mentioned how useful the tweets and P & Qs are? invaluable!)

(can you tell i don't have much to say about this cake?!?)

I made the cake quickly Sunday evening, in an attempt to catch most of Jane Austen's Emma currently showing on PBS, and also to be done, cooled, and ready to eat before G left. The speediness detracted from the quality of the finished product, I'm afraid. The texture was...interesting. Not exactly bundt like or regular cake like.

And, despite using darker chocolate, I was disappointed in the level of chocolateyness. I love overwhelming chocolate. I used some of the infamous chocolate malt frosting from a few weeks ago, stashed in my freezer, to top the cake, which in no way resembled its original bundt form.

G and I split a wedge as we watched the Grammys once Emma ended. G quite liked the cake, and I sent the rest home with him...without snapping a photo. (poor planning on the part of not one but two participants in project 365! yeesh!)

Thank you, Kirsten, for choosing this recipe! Check out her blog, I'm Right About Everything, for more mini bundt fun.


  1. Ha ha ha...those corn syrup ads. "You mean like IT'S MADE FROM CORN?!! And that means it's ALL NATURAL?!?" Yeah, well, smug corn people, you know what else is all natural? Amanita (mushroom) toxin! And that will KILL YOU. Although those mushrooms are actually good for the environment, so...comes out even? (I kid. don't eat mushrooms you don't know, kids!)

    Ahhh. Yes. Aaaaanyway. That little aside to the corn commercials just cracked me up.

  2. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I skipped this and fast-forwarded to next week's brownies. You will not be disappointed in the level of chocolateyness!

  3. I feel the same way about those ads. Your baby cake sounds cute...glad you used some of your chocolate malt frosting on it...I'm sure that helped!

  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Your version sounds great!

  5. I'll bet the chocolate malt frosting was a winner on this cake. :)

  6. Thanks so much for baking with me this week!