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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

twd: swedish visiting cake

The only Swede who has visited my home since I made the Swedish Visiting Cake on Sunday is...me (and that's stretching it, as Swede competes with a handful of other European heritages)...and somehow, half of my eight inch cake is...gone.

It's that good. Dense yet moist. Buttery and fragrant with almonds. And, as Dorie promises, a sugared crust.

This cake's utter simplicity of preparation—one bowl, one pan—complements its pure deliciousness.

And, the best part of all is this week's host, Nancy, of The Dogs Eat the Crumbs (and Corner Loaf, a delightful and impressive bread blog). Nancy does math for the rest of us, scaling recipes down and up, providing weights instead of traditional measurements, and overall giving solid, kind, and generous advice to the baking blogoverse and twitterworld. I look forward to reading her blogs every week, and appreciate her warm comments. My mom is also a fan and reads Nancy's blog and appreciates her comment too.

Thanks, Nancy, for selecting this delicious recipe!


  1. That is so awesome that your mom reads blogs. My mom's not very techy savvy and prefers her recipes in books. Glad you and your Swedish (among other European) heritage enjoyed the cake. It's definitely a keeper!

  2. looks delish!!! great job this week :) i did minis.

  3. This was a great cake, wasn't it. Ours disappeared quickly, too. But there are three of us.

    Looks yummy!!

  4. Your cake looks so good! Im glad you enjoyed this recipe. I think it's one of my new favorites! I liked that it was so simple to put together yet so wonderful in taste. So many things that are quick and easy do not taste good!

  5. Your cake is so pretty - the perfect recipe to bring the inner Swede to the fore! Ours disappeared pretty quickly here, and I'm already plotting a third cake. Thanks for baking along with me, and for your kind words - I love that I have intergenerational readers ("hi, Jessica's Mom!") - my daughters' friends read my blog, but mine don't.

  6. I had to get this one out of the house, or I would have inhaled it in no time! Nice job.

  7. This one was easy to make and disappeared even more easily. I'm glad you liked it!