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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

twd: chocoblock cookies

Kudos to Mary, of Popsicles and Sandy Feet, for selecting a delicious, over-the-top cookie just when I needed some tart nutty sweetness. Please visit her blog and read her baking manifesto. It rocks.

I would love to wax poetic on these cookies. I love them, and could descend into Ode territory declaring their goodness.

But. Moving day is four days away. My Mom and Grandma are coming to visit tomorrow. Strange dudes are coming to fix a leaky roof at 7:15 tomorrow morning. I'm leaving for Paris in three weeks and four days.

Life is full. And chaotic. And absolutely, life-changingly wonderful.

As are these cookies, which I filled with toasted coconut and walnuts, dried cherries and cranberries, and chocolate chips. Mmmm.




  1. Oh, go ahead. Wax!!! If not for all the fruit, I would have loved these.

  2. Good combo, and good luck on your move!

  3. I'm glad that these jam-packed cookies fit so well with your life right now! I love reading about all your adventures. btw, I never get Euros before a trip. I buy a few in the airport (departing airport if possible while I'm still lucid) then withdraw from ATMs as I go. And use credit cards. I've seen both recommended by travel types. You are going to have an amazing time!!