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Monday, June 09, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

My friend Pam recently posted her Summer 2014 Bucket List, which inspired me to kickstart my daily journaling habit (long lapsed) and return to blogging with a simple, fun, and easy writing task: creating a list. I love lists--they embody possibility and planning, goals and dreams. Lists are shorthand for projects that promise unexpected discoveries; lists lay out simple tasks to be completed. Lists ground my free-flowing creativity in direction and order.

Dharmagirl's Summer 2014 Bucket List:

1. Bake macarons.

2. Attend at least one outdoor concert (preferably Summerfest).
3. Hike.
4. Go sailing with the WTFS women.
5. Paint our bedroom.
6. Finish Grandpa's memoir.
7. Submit flash fiction pieces to my online class and complete G's flash fiction challenge.
8. Write most days, starting with morning pages.
9. Read every day, not just at bed-time, but throughout the day. Read across genres.

10. Walk, bike, and yoga most days. 

11. Reconnect with friends via email, letters/cards, phone calls, and visits.
12. Make a photo wall in the living room.
13. Organize our bookshelves.
14. Cook a new recipe each week.
15. Challenge myself in small ways--hard reading, more sun salutations, etc.
16. Spend time in Michigan.

17. Take myself on more short solo excursions.
18. Recommit to formal daily training with Hazel.
19. Make breakfast and/or lunch treats for Gregg.
20. Get a tattoo.
21. Visit with colleague-friends.
22. Create!
23. Decorate with fresh flowers. 

24. Visit the Madison farmers' market.
25. Have friends over for drinks, dessert, dinner.
26. Take a mini-break with Gregg. 

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  1. I'm interested in knowing about the tattoo...you little daredevil you! I LOVE it!