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Thursday, April 19, 2007

string cheese incident

I just finished thoroughly enjoying a mug of coffee, with a smidgen of sugar and a glug of milk, and a buttermilk biscuit with honey...yummmy. I need something sweet and caffeiney after meeting with at least 20 students today to review their essays before the big due date on Monday. Sometimes I wonder where I find the patience to keep my face calm, positive, and engaged, when really inside my head I'm screaming "why didn't you get this the 12 times we've discussed this in class?" I actually said something akin to this statement to one student who has been chronically absent. He said that it was his frat "hell week" and so if he was in class he was sleeping. A big W-E (whatever) to that! I did have a student deliver a book he'd borrowed and a string cheese. Very funny and charming. The cheese came in handy when the line of students was curving around the hallway and I had eaten all the chocolate on my desk.

So, the Dalai Lama shoes are going back to Zappo's, as they're too big--slidey around the heels and gappy on the sides.

And the soiree last night was pleasant but disappointing, as our fearless captain, the department chair, was sick and missed out on the fun. This party was meant to celebrate his new position (he's leaving the department), and without him there, the power shifted subtlely yet noticeably.

On the reading menu for the weekend are a few favorite fun authors: Jennifer Crusie, Meg Cabot (who I met last summer!), Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and a novel published by Red Dress Ink, an imprint of Harlequin that I'm considering as a publisher of my novel.

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