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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

romance and locavores

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I'm taking a break from baking and baking blogging today to share some exciting news: two fun presentations this week!

1. On Friday I'm giving a talk at my College on popular romance fiction, my current research (and creative) specialty and interest. I'm hoping to share my enthusiasm for the genre and to "redeem" this genre in the face of common charges of formula fiction that's simply wish fulfillment fantasy written by "the damned mob of scribbling women" (said by Nathaniel Hawthorne about the 19th century domestic novelists like Fanny Fern, whose books were outselling his, but echoed in many a review and casual conversation even today). I'm making some classic ganache truffles and bringing sparkling wine, and a friend is making other romantic treats.

2. I've been asked to speak at our farmers' market on Saturday on our campus green initiatives, particularly our Locavore Challenge that starts tomorrow! I'm so excited--I love the farmers' market and I'm so passionate about local foods. I'm also thrilled to represent my school and to hopefully build positive connections between the campus and the community.


  1. I'm a romance reader myself! The "lowest common denominator" of the genre can be bad -- but the good ones, ah, that's another story.

    It seems like now that I am older and have been settled down in a good relationship for 20+ years, I go more for the funny romance stories. Maybe because some of my wishes have been fulfilled, I'm getting old enough to know I won't get all of them fulfilled, and humor always helps to deal with the problems of life?

    Just read Elizabeth Peters' latest book. Hilarious and a great read, as always.

  2. yes! i too love romantic comedy. i love jenny crusie's novels--such snappy dialog, pop culture references, and humor. i haven't read any elizabeth peters--i'll have to add her to my list:)