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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

twd: chocolate chunkers

dharmagirl with a bowlful of chocolate chunkers

Friday afternoon grey skies threatened rain and temperatures plummeted, marking a clear transition to FALL. I'm still dreaming of summer, and these early fall days bring a certain amount of sadness. To combat my blues, I headed to the Weather Center Cafe for a steaming bowl of soup and a creamy cafe au lait. I read through a stack of rough drafts and started drafting another blog entry.

Then, I went to the Woodlake Market, one of my favorite grocery stores in the region. It's a favorite because of their chocolate selection--Scharffen Berger bars, Vosges mini bars--their wine selection--and their wide array of Alterra coffee. I was in search of a decent unsweetened and white chocolate for this week's recipe, from Claudia of Fool for Food, Chocolate Chunkers. I had hoped for Scharffen Berger unsweetened chocolate, but settled for Ghiradelli.

I mixed up the dough on Saturday, starting with chopping all that chocolate--6 oz. of bittersweet (Lindt excellence); 1 oz. unsweetened (the aforementioned Ghiradelli); 3 oz. milk chocolate (Scharffenberger); and 3 oz. white (Ghiradelli). I toasted walnuts, and splashed a cup of craisins with a little Maker's Mark to push the cookies a bit over the top. The dough came together easily and tasted like a loaded brownie. I let it chill for an hour or so, and then set out baking.

Once again, I established a rhythm of filling the cookie trays, reading student essays while they baked, and then starting the cycle over again as I emptied the cookie tray and filled it again.

On Sunday I shared the cookies with my friend B and her sister M who's visiting from California. We sipped coffee and tea, munched on these delicious, lovely textured, and completely chocolate cookies while talking politics and forgetting about the never-ending rain outside.

This TWD adventure has been a joy, connecting me to other baking bloggers, but also connecting me to my friends and colleagues through the fruits of my labor. And, I'm enjoying trying new recipes that I would probably admire but never actually bake. So far I've enjoyed all the cookies I've baked, but this week's cookies are a real winner. Next time I'll use pecans and dried cherries, and hunt down all Scharffen Berger chocolate.


  1. My keyboard is a hard to type on due the drool; wow those cookies look good.

  2. WOW - that's a platter of cookies!

  3. I love your plate of cookies..nice work! I thought these cookies tasted wonderful. I can't wait to make them again.

  4. That bowl full of chunkers certainly is tempting. I've got to try some real quality chocolate, if only I could find some!

  5. Lovely platter of cookies! Having made mine with pecans and cherries, I can vouch that it's a great combination. I bet you also can get some of those Door County dried cherries -- very wonderful!

  6. Love your adventure at the market picking out the ingredients. Cherries would be amazing, but your craisins with bourbon sound pretty killer.

  7. The cookies look wonderful, but the part of your post I like best is the description of how you shared them with friends over good conversation. What a perfect way to spend a rainy day.

  8. I think Saturdays are the best days to bake. Love the platter of cookies they look delicious!