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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

let it snow + candy cane cookies

Luckily, I left Wisconsin on Saturday morning and made it to Michigan before the a) blizzard warning; b) lake effect snow advisory; and c) winter weather advisory. We're slowly building up to our 3rd foot of snow here in Western Michigan, as you can see from these photos taken from the toasty inside of my parents' home, looking out into the yard:

pines laden with snow remind me of a poem I wrote as a child when these trees were so much smaller

half of the fence is already buried, and the snow is as high as the porch

I want to trek through the woods and the pristine snow, walking into the eternal hush of the forest, but so far I've stayed inside where it's warm, reading poetry for my winter session class, baking cookies, visiting with my parents, cooking soups, and practicing yoga to help me overcome this nagging cold that keeps me feeling just less than 100%. I'm waiting for my brother to arrive tomorrow to share in some holiday hijinks, and adventures outdoors, which will invariably include a noisy and smelly but exhilarating ride on the snowmobile.

Today I made a batch of Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies, a delicious sandwich cookie from Bon Appetit.

Do you think they'll tempt Santa?

Tomorrow's baking extravaganza: Buche de Nöel

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  1. These cookies are still on my list to bake - maybe for Valentine's day? And I also strongly intended to bake a buche de Noel this year, but between my traveling and all the TWD baking it just didn't happen. Catching up on old posts, and I'm enjoying your blog!