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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

twd: real butterscotch pudding

a pale pudding, dressed up with chocolate chips

"It tastes good, but I'm not sure what it is," said my Dad, as he dipped his spoon back into the tea cup for another bite of the mystery dessert I foisted on him.

"That's going in the blog," I laughed, as I explained that this was no ordinary butterscotch pudding, but an upscale concoction that featured his favorite liquor, Crown Royal.

"It doesn't taste very butterscotchy, but it's good," he exclaimed. My Mom tasted one bite, not being a fan of butterscotch favored things and concurred.

I tasted a bite and was rather disappointed--the caramel flavor wasn't very deep, and the texture was marred by a slight curdling that never disappeared. Not having a food processor, I used a more traditional pudding preparation involving tempering the eggs and constant whisking. The eggs were lovely--no scrambling there--but the slight curdling remained nonetheless beyond the point where Dorie says it might first appear.

C'est la vie...

I made a few minor adjustments to the recipe, namely using skim milk and half and half instead of whole milk and heavy creamy. This could account for the textural issues. And, lacking real Scotch Whiskey, I turned to our neighbors to the North, and selected Crown Royal from my parents' liquor shelf for the finishing touch.

Thanks to Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews, & Suitcases for choosing this recipe--check out the delectable pie she made using this pudding.


  1. i bet the cream/milk changes you made affected the texture/taste a bit. sorry you weren't a huge fan, i think most seem to like it from the blogs i've visited so far. oh well, there's always cheesecake next week ;)

  2. Sorry these weren't the best...I used all the fat so perhaps they added something (also put whipped cream on it!) Wishing you a happy holiday season! - mary the food librarian

  3. I went full fat with mine, so texture wasn't an issue. Try it next week with the cheesecake. ;-)

  4. I just made mine today. I didn't use my food processor (it's too small) and used my whisk until the very end. When it was time to add the butter, vanilla and scotch, I put it all in my blender. It really smoothed it out. It was REALLY lumpy prior and didn't look good at all. It's in the fridge now....I can't wait to try it.