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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

twd: buttery jam cookies

pink cookies! pink holiday!

If you can't already tell from reading my blog and just seeing the profusion of pink in my photos (my KA is pink:), I have a thing for pink. I always have. And so, when I added raspberry jam to my cookie dough and watched the soft mass turn a delightful shade of pink, I clapped my hands and dreamed of tea parties...

Because, really, these bite size morsels, ever so slightly sweet, and just this side of a biscuit or scone, are more suited to a tea party, with dainty treats and mismatched vintage tea cups, than to a last day of class party, as I discovered yesterday. My students and I managed to stay on schedule all semester and so our last day of class was open--no more stories to read, no more presentations to make. How to win over college students on the brink of finals? Food! Party! I brought the buttery jam cookies and some of last week's sugar cookies I had tucked away in the freezer, but they were no match for the store bought holiday cupcakes and the fruit torte billowy with whipped topping brought by my students.

Thanks to Heather of Randomosity and the Girl for choosing this week's recipe.


  1. Ick - storebought cupcakes :( These are sooo much better than that. I guess it's time for a tea party then, isn't it?

  2. All our ugrads are gone now so there is only faculty and grads left - and not many of them really!

    I love your little scene you have set with your cookies!

  3. I love pink to!! Your cookies came out great!

  4. Your cookies look good! Ahh...undergrad taste buds just haven't developed yet! :)

  5. My KA is pink, too! I have a slight obsession! ;)

    Love the picture of your cookies! Way cute!

  6. your cookies sound great, and the presentation makes me think of eating those cookies on a cold winter day :) i love the idea of putting raspberry jam in the cookies...i don't know why strawberry jam just didn't work as well as i had hoped. glad you liked yours--they're so cute!

  7. Pink cookies. Love it. Glad your students had a good time. I too am glad the semester is over - just one more to go until retirement. And then I can bake ALL THE TIME