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Friday, May 01, 2009

daily bliss: may day mindfulness

It's may, it's may, the lusty month of may...

May always symbolizes the end of survival mode and the beginning of thriving mode for me. Unless something freakish happens (and it could), the snow should be over. Spring semester, the tortuous marathon through the darkest days of winter, is in the last exhilarating mile.

May is time to celebrate tulips (see tomorrow's post), mothers, memorials, birthdays, and the official start of summer.

Reading a friend's blog today inspired me to think about this new month, as yet unwritten. What do I hope to accomplish?

* cultivate a cheery disposition as the stress level at work *could* increase, with the typical end of the semester madness and the additional burden of budget uncertainty

* observe daily mindfulness moments, cooking, reading, reflecting, connection

* enjoy daily encounters with the ever evolving natural world springing to life

* create stronger separations between work and real life

* gather supplies for my summer of creativity

* reconnect with friends in RL

* edit the stuff filling my home

* choose a new paint color for my study

* explore new places in my town and surrounding environs

* live in the moment


  1. A summer of creativity sounds pretty fantastic.

    "I'm in the moment,
    the one where nothing matters
    and everything's all right."
    —Sister Hazel

  2. (stupid, stupid Blogger formatting that didn't put "Sister Hazel" on its own line.)

    (yes, I'm neurotic about things like that.)

    (and sometimes I write exclusively in parentheticals.)

    (I can't help it.)

  3. gregg, yes, i have high hopes for this summer.

    love the sister hazel quote--what song is that from?

    oh, and the parentheticals? inspired. puctuation, so often seen as utilitarian (commas and periods), is tragically overlooked and underused. now, if you threw in a few ellipses...