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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

twd: quick classic berry tart

Today, the last day of English 101, I reminded my students that APPM (audience, purpose, persona, message) is their key to writing success.

"Remember, you need to think about your audience. Who is reading your writing? What is your purpose? You have to have a point! And don't forget to consider your persona. Your tone makes a big difference when delivering your message."

Somewhere in the back of my chaotic mind, I thought about this little blog. I need to conduct some serious APPM prep time when I sit down to craft these entries.

And yet, here I am tonight, fumbling for words and stories to make you want to read.


My writing process needs serious attention, which it will receive, and you all will enjoy the fruits of, when I return from Paris in a few weeks. Until then, it will be a cobbled together dish, a last minute entry here and there.

Cue the segue...

And this is why I loved this simple berry tart. I almost didn't make it, as no berries are in season. (it actually snowed around these parts last weekend. berry bliss is some time coming). But, I doubt I'll be able to make the next two recipes, so I wanted to fulfill my monthly quota. I read through the variations of pastry cream, and I thought about a mish-mash solution.

My favorite berry jam. Cook frozen berries with sugar until thick. If industrious, add citrus zest and juice. I chose raspberries and meyer lemon.

I then made a meyer lemon pastry cream.

I assembled the tart speedily, and hoped for the best.

The tart is lightly sweet and plenty tangy. Delicious.

Thanks to Christine of Cooking with Christine for selecting this week's recipe.


  1. APPM may be the key to writing, but SBP (sugar, berries, pastry cream) is a success in this tart! lol

  2. It speaks to me! Especially with the meyer/raspberry combination. Good points to remember when writing - I must admit I never think about APPM - but will have to dwell a little on that with my next post. A beautiful slice of heaven!

  3. Lemons and raspberries sound great !!!

  4. Great improvisation! Thanks for baking with me!

  5. Great way to make a recipe work for you. Looks delicious.

  6. Your tart looks so good! Thanks for the little lesson in writing too!

  7. I've never taken a writing course and you put a name (mnemonic?) on questions I ask myself about my blog ALL the time. I never get any answers thoug, so maybe I need to listen a bit more carefully! I look forward to your blog changes, not that I think you NEED any - love reading your posts. And I'd adore eating that tart. Wonderful creative solution. Congrats on the last day of class and have fun in PARIS!!!!