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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

daily bliss: blogging, part two: how blogs changed my personal life

Blogs brought me a boyfriend.

(blogger should use this as a selling point, yes?)

My friend B stumbled on Gregg's blog about two years ago, and told me I might like it. "He's all zen, and funny, and a writer." So, I clicked over, read the blog description, tried to puzzle out the title, and bookmarked it. I checked back every so often and wondered about this guy. Where was he? Was he single? He seemed like someone I could relate to. He wrote about cheering for a losing football team from my home state. He described taking his parents to see Garrison Keillor. He made me smile and laugh and dream, just a little, of romantic possibility.

And then one April day, I clicked over to his blog and my heart started thumping. He wrote about attending a poetry reading at a local college.

My college.

A reading I organized.

And so I came out of lurkdom and left a comment, and, well, the rest will be a lifetime movie, according to my Mom's hair stylist.

I love our story so much that I never tire of sharing it.

When I was single, people would tell me to do things I loved as a way to meet people.

What I most love are reading and writing, baking and yoga. These are either solitary activities or predominantly female activities.

And yet the advice worked.

Our love of words brought us together.

How very poetic.


  1. I'm all tingly with goose-flesh. Thanks for sharing your story! How beautiful. To be who we are, to love what we do, and to do what we must... and along the way... perhaps to find someone to share it with... :)

  2. I didn't know that's how you two met, but it's definitely an adorable story. Doing what you love brought you a love with whom to to do things! (ack! grammar traps abound!)

  3. Does Brad Pitt sign contracts for Lifetime movies? :) (OK, fine...I'll settle for [insert name of so-not-Brad-Pitt celebrity here] to play me.)

    Luckiest thing (for me) you ever did was start reading my blog. And the luckiest thing (for me) I did was write a dorky poem after hearing a great poet!

    Love the entry, Jess.