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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

twd: peanuttiest blondies

I grew up eating brownies. Dense, low, fudgy brownies. When I started baking my own, I tossed in handfuls of chocolate chips to provide pockets of pure bliss.

I never made blondies until I joined TWD.

Seriously, what was the point? A handful of chocolate chips in a buttery, sugary, cookie-esque base?

No way. Give me brownies!

But then I made a batch of blondies and marveled at the caramel, butterscotch notes to the base, punctuated with rich chocolate and toasted nuts.

I'm a convert:)

These blondies rely on peanut butter and roasted peanuts to create a rich, dense foundation. I used milk chocolate chips (more than Dorie required, actually, because I love chocolate soooo much). A hint of cinnamon heightens the complexity of these bars, and makes them a perfect partner for a chai latte.

Thank you to Nicole of Bakeologie for selecting this recipe and reminding me of my newly found Blondie love.


  1. You totally hit it on the spot about the appeal of blondies: caramel and butterscotch notes. So good.

    I loved these too!

  2. I actually love blondies more than regular brownies so these were right up my alley! Yours look great. Love your photo with the books.

  3. I love a good blondie, and these were no exception. Yours look lovely.

  4. these were pretty tasty. try them with Honey Roasted peanuts. Whole new world.

    I want one of yours.