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Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 blogs and then some

Happy Halloween!

And happy last day of Blogtober!

It looks like neither Gregg nor I are going to lose our bet, which makes me happier than a bottle of Rombauer Zinfandel and a block of 10 year aged cheddar (well, almost).

Before we began Blogtober, I filled two journal pages with lists of potential blog topics for those days or nights of writer's block. I only referred to the list once, and then I was pleased to see that I had already written about several of the topics on my list.

I wrote many more haikus than I planned (my default on days when time and/or words escaped me), but I also wrote a few posts I'm particularly proud of, and which garnered some attention (pinktober, tenure, both over at Protagonista).

As I type my way across the finish line, I'm happy to say that I have more topics to write about, and now that I'm in the daily writing habit, I don't want to stop. Several years I blogged every day in November about gratitude, and I intend to take up the practice again this year.

A preview: I'm grateful to Blogtober for the jumpstart to my writing practice, which had all but disappeared. I'm grateful for these digital homes that provide me space to share my thoughts and an audience to read my words.

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