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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

impressionistic landscapes

The evenings of magnificent sunsets have arrived. Light-dappled, color-drenched skies are softened by the haziness of warm, sunny days meeting cool crisp nights. 

Last week, Gregg and I drove out in the country to a vintage yard sale, and watched the sun glow through pastel skies. It was hard to focus on the center line of the lonely roads as the sky beckoned over silos, barns, and grazing dairy cows. The hilly, windy roads and occasional jumbo tractor demanded my attention, but I wanted to leap into the most beautiful sky I've ever seen. 

Tonight when I left work, I caught a glimpse of magic to the west, and snapped this photo with my phone. The contrast of dark trees and pastel sky, the balance of dark and light, the days growing shorter and the nights colder.

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  1. Gorgeous skies, and gorgeous words. I love the palette of colors that the sky reveals to us.