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Saturday, October 19, 2013

madison market morning

A bonus to a attending an overnight work-related conference in Madison, Wisconsin: shopping at the Saturday Farmers' Market around the square. 

This morning I waited for the sun to start waking up the world before walking 3/4 of a mile down State street to the square. State street, so loud and raucous in the wee hours of the morning, was empty and quiet. Michelangelo's was the first local coffee shop I found open. The espresso miel was worth the long walk. I sipped my coffee and walked around the square, as vendors tipped root veggies into waiting bins. A smattering of shoppers pulled carts and survey stacks of peppers. I stopped outside of Graze, one of my favorite restaurants, for a chocolate croissant. Flaky, crisp outside gave way to buttery inside layers, and bittersweet chocolate batons. 

I sat on a bench to eat and drink, but brrr! The previous night had been cold! Soon I was up and walking around, while admiring the capitol highlighted by morning sun.

After walking around one and a half times, I hauled my foodie treasures back to my hotel, packed my trunk full of goodies and bags, and attended more conference events before heading home.

Gregg eagerly unpacked my bags to find: 1 pound of garlic, a small bag of potatoes, a medium bag of sweet potatoes, a bunch of assorted carrots, two varieties of kale, "cheddar" cauliflower, broccoli, golden and chioggia beets, peppers sweet and hot, small brussels sprouts, spinach, pepper jam, and three kinds of artisan bread. Delicious local goodness! 

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