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Thursday, June 07, 2007

lady of leisure

So my friends and I like to joke about being "ladies of leisure" during the summer months when we're not teaching. Of course, I don't really feel like a lady of leisure--champagne laced luncheons with other LoL, meetings with a hunky personal trainer, and eating bonbons freely whilst wearing a peignor are not part of my days.

But. Maybe I'm just living the LoL life at a quieter level. Each day features three "hot" meals and several delicious snacks that I have the liberty of preparing at will, one or two walks a day, at least a few minutes of yoga/stretching a day, and my zingy's coffee and bits of chocolate from my secret stash.

It's restorative to have this time to explore side projects--whether the dreaded scholarly articles, fun novels, and non-fiction pieces...and to read and write with a calmer pace and with a more personal compass. I'm not constantly thinking of how everything I read and write relates to the classroom. But yet the work I do in the summer does make me a better teacher. As I struggle to write and find my voice everyday, working on such disparate projects, I can better empathize with the student who gets stuck and doesn't know where to go...I read works that I'll never teach but may be able to recommend to students seeking to expand their reading...

And so I suppose this is a justification of my current status as lady of purposeful leisure...

My chocolates await:)

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  1. Isn't it funny how we have to justify it? I always feel so guilty knowing everyone else in my family is working, even though I am usually working 8 to 6 on a book during the summer anyway! (But I can walk the dog whenever I want during that time. That counts for a lot.)

    I'm enjoying your blog, dharmagirl. I think we are kindred spirits. Thanks for stopping by mine.

    Laura Florand