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Sunday, June 03, 2007

strawberries, peonies, and *manhunting*

Hoorah! It's strawberry and peony season! Yesterday I delighted in the first plush berries of the season. I made a "grown up" strawberry shortcake, following a recipe from the current issue of Bon Appetit, which features chocolate biscuits, strawberries touched with sugar and cointreau, and an ersatz creme fraiche topping. Wow. The rich fullness of chocolate pairs well with sweet berries and tangy cream.

And peonies, my favorite flowers, are falling over everywhere due to intermitten rain showers. I bought two stems of flowers and scattered them around my apartment. I love their lush fullness and how I can watch the progress of a blossom over an afternoon.

When I marry, it will be in early June, just to include these two lovely favorites. Of course, early June in Michigan isn't the best time for a beach wedding, but practicality be damned!

And, as for *manhunting,* I'm referring to the Jennifer Crusie novel, which I read Friday and loved. I believe it was her first novel, and it showcases classic Crusie traits--smart, snappy, quick dialog; a smart, strong heroine; and a sexy hero who tries his damndest to stay detached, but of course can't. Love it!

Now I'm avoiding Pierre Bourdieu's *Distinction* in favor of a book on Alice Waters and Chez Panisse that's making me nod vehemently with nearly every sentence.

Today I'm off to Zingy's with S and H...yumm!

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