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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

twd: chocolate souffle

Ahhh, souffle. The breath of life. The magical transformation. The delicacy. 

The intimidation.

Reader, souffles are...easy. They're easier than pie, simpler than cake, and so very delicious and satisfying. Think of the voluminous eggs as a vehicle for flavor, and you have the secret to souffle. 

I whipped up a quarter recipe of the souffle Sunday evening when I was a) beyond sleepy; b) drying out from a little too much boxed pinot grigio the night before; and c) attempting to unpack from the weekend, pack for the school week, catch up with my family via the telephone, and prepare for classes today. 

My batter filled three small ramekins, and while the rise wasn't super impressive, they still billowed aloft for a few shining moments before sinking, gracefully, into deliciousness. 

I enjoyed my souffle with Dorie's vanilla ice cream and felt almost virtuous eating this simple dessert. (yes, i am aware that this is stretching matters a bit). 

Thank you to Susan of She's Becoming DoughMessTic, for selecting this recipe and allowing me to discover the truth about souffles. Check out her delightful blog, filled with recipes and culinary adventures.  


  1. Your souffle is beautiful! Great shot showing it's rise - I wasn't quick enough with the camera to really capture it :) I had no idea it was so easy to make souffle!

  2. Great looking souffles. Nice 'on the rise' shot.

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Your souffle looks wonderful. I really need to go back and make this.

  4. They seem so hard. I'm scarred. They can't really be that simple.

  5. Ooooh really? Mmmm chocolate souffle is my FAVE esp. with ice cream. Might have to try it... thanks!!