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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

twd: espresso cheesecake brownies

One year ago I joined TWD in hopes of baking more adventurously, blogging more regularly, and finding "my people" on the internet. These hopes have been fulfilled doublefold. Although my blog contains as much "food for thought" as actual "food," it has become a place where I can connect with my bloggie friends all over the world. And, although I've missed a few weeks of baking fun and don't always comment as frequently as I'd like on your blogs, I treasure my TWD readers. Thanks, y'all! Here's to another year of deliciousness. 

Several months ago I blogged about making a fabulous chocolate cream tart while Mom and Grandma, visiting for the weekend, watched. I wrote about how I like to bake alone, being particular (control freakish?) about the process.

Lately, my boyfriend G and I have been cooking on the weekends, and I've been teaching him how to cook some of my favorite dishes and sharing some of my comfort foods: summer succotash, peach pie, panfried okra. 

He must enjoy these lessons, since he suggested we create a newspaper column and a new blog to chronicle our adventures in the kitchen. It's definitely a work in progress, but you can stop by our Corner Table for Two.

This weekend, we planned on making several variations of guacamole to bring to our monthly wine club gathering, and this week's TWD offering, espresso cheesecake brownies.

Reader, I invited him to help me bake.

G buttered and floured the pan and basically—and flawlessly—executed all of the brownie layer steps while I attended to the cheesecake layer. 

I feel like I have grown as a baker as I've given up some of the control and accepted help in the kitchen. It's—gasp—fun. And the brownies?!? They turned out swell. 

The wine club loved the tri-layer treats, and offered up rave reviews:

"It's like a coffeehouse on my fork!" and "If I was hungry I'd eat the whole thing." 

Today my friend K requested that I bring them to school next week for our first coffee gathering. 

Thank you, Melissa of Life in a Peanut Shell, for selecting this tasty recipe!


  1. I love this recipe! Great job, they look tasty. I thought the frosting was great.

  2. Cool! I just put the new blog into my reader!
    I often bake with my kids, which is A LOT different than baking with a boyfriend. But, like you, I do treasure my alone time in the kitchen. I think he did a great job on the brownies! And it sounds like these were a huge success!

  3. VERY pretty. I love the "coffeehouse on my fork" comment...I think that just about sums it up.

  4. Sounds like your brownies succeeded brilliantly. Congrats on the collaboration!

  5. Wow, G must be a keeper if you let him help you bake! I still don't let my hubs help me. I can't wait to check out your new blog! I am so glad that these brownies were a hit with your wine club peeps - I looooved them; they really were like a coffee =house on a fork!

  6. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Congrats on letting G into your baking world. I know it is a big step. I'm not there yet (not even close) but lately I've been wondering how I would let a new guy friend know about my other world, blog, etc.

    I'm glad the brownies were a hit. I'll check out your other blog.

  7. Wow, Jessica, this is news!!! Well, news to me anyway. Very fun, indeed. Love your literary reference, and I'm glad to hear the positive reception that met your inaugural bake-together effort.

  8. coffeehouse on my fork - lol :) Congrats on your year with TWD!

  9. These look fantastic! And cooking and baking with someone is so romantic! :)

  10. What a sweet post! It's amazing what we find it in ourselves to do when we let someone "in" (heck, I let M. open the oven door last night so I could put the pizzas in the oven!)

    Oh, and the brownies look delicious. I haven't made mine...yet...

  11. Oh how fun... baking with your honey-bunch. I'm jealous!

    Your brownies look so fashionable with the brown dots :)

  12. oh my, those look amazing and i bet they taste even better.

  13. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Your brownies look so cute! How fun that you're doing a blog together. I like to have control in the kitchen, but my husband likes to help and it's really nice to have him in the kitchen with me. It's fun to cook together!