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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

twd: flaky apple and peach turnovers

mini apple turnovers with hot pink sanding sugar 

"These itty bitty turnovers are...a pain in the ass!" 

This sentence bounced around my head for the 30 minutes it took me to assemble the little treats last night. The fruit, particularly the crispy apple bits, wouldn't be folded under the increasingly soft dough. My frustration grew, and I folded and stretched the tiny bits of dough into a rough semi-circle. 

I decided to make the turnovers diminutive because, well, my stomach is becoming less tiny by the day and I partially blame the delectable, irresistible weekly TWD treats (as well as a bevy of beverages I've enjoyed this summer). I would sample one of each kind—apple and peach—and then give the rest away, or tuck them into the freezer for a craving day. 

The turnover dough is fairly simple to make, and nicely waits in the refrigerator when you need to leave for an impromptu Sunday afternoon corn roast with your boyfriend's parents. 

The fruits take no time to prepare. A tiny dice, especially for the apples, makes the folding easier. 

It's the turnover assembly that's tedious. 

But well worth it—these tiny little pies are delicious, with a dab of fruit surrounded by flaky, tangy crust. Mmmm. 

Thank you, Julie, of Someone's in the Kitchen, for selecting these tasty tiny treats!

mini peach turnover


  1. Yummy. If I do these again, I'm definitely going with peach. These are too cute!

  2. Ha that phrase was to funny! I hear you on the time consuming process of putting these together ..it was well worth it and yours turned out looking great!

  3. Hehehe. My tummy is a little bigger because of these... Thanks for baking with me!

  4. These WERE a pain in the ass to assemble - you are not kidding! Part of it for me is that I don't think I rolled my dough quite thin enough, so it was hard to fold. But they were certainly worth it in the end! Yours look delicious!

  5. Totally agree.....a pain in the ass...but worth it in the end!

  6. They are quite a pain to put together, and trying to make the dough and the fruit into one cohesive dessert is nerve-wracking, but it's worth it in the end. I love that you made apple and peach -- variety is always nice!

  7. I love the hot pink sugar!!

  8. I feel your pain! I've become the master of taking a bite and then giving the rest of the (unbitten) portions away! Despite all of the trouble, they look great!

  9. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I love your apple and peach turnovers! They look soo cute, especially the last one - it looks like it wants to give you a kiss! =)

  10. Great post!! They were a pain in the ass, but a tasty one, at least! :o)