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Saturday, January 16, 2010

daily bliss: 100 things i love

In her awesome writing advice book, The Right to Write, Julia Cameron includes the following writing activity: "List one hundred things that you, personally, love" (43).

Sitting in our new favorite local-ish coffeehouse, Kavarna, G and I spent 30 minutes writing down our lists, then swapped and wrote comments on the other's list. Fun.

A few items from my list...

1. lilacs
7. samuel barber's "adagio for strings"
11. cashmere sweaters
17. a certain pair of hazel eyes
28. bare feet and pink toenails
32. epiphanies!
48. serendipitous encounters
59. heart to heart talks with my mom
68. peonies
74. cooking for loved ones
86. myself—most of the time
92. aprons
97. one perfect moment
98. beauty
99. truth
100. love

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