about bliss

Sunday, January 17, 2010

daily bliss: blue

Sometimes it comes out of nowhere

Sometimes it rises unbidden

I close my eyes so tears won't spill but they trickle out anyway

Silence overwhelms

I long to hear my mom's voice, my best friend's laugh, G's jokes to make me smile instead of my own tangle of thoughts

I take refuge in rituals:
cleaning the kitchen, automatic cycle of unloading, storing, loading, washing, drying
showering with lavender dr. bronner's soap and hot, hot water
brewing a cup of margaret's hope tea in a too big mug
folding back the sheets and turning on classical music on npr
mentally plotting my monday to-do list
writing a few too honest words here and there
reading something, anything
curling into the center of my bed, amidst too many pillows...sleep.


  1. When I'm blue, I'm never this poetic. Hope you got a nap and that it helps.

  2. Hi,

    When I am blue, I seek solace on the thought that a lot of people love and care about me. Sort of like Dorothy closing her eyes and clicking her shoes and saying, I wish I was home.