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Saturday, January 02, 2010

daily bliss: vegetarian coffeehouse

A frigid January morning. A long winter weekend. Cabin Fever threatens to descend if we stay home all day, and so we head north, in search of a bookstore, Target, and a nifty place to eat lunch and do some work—blogging for G and pre-tenure dossier for me.

I suggest Kavarna, a vegetarian coffeehouse my friends have told me about. We drive, stop at gourmet cheese and wine shops, Target, before hunger leads us to the coffeehouse.

Most people can peruse a restaurant menu and choose from all offerings. Not me. Anytime I go to a new restaurant, my eyes dart to the vegetarian possibilities, often only an entree or two, a few salads, or side dishes. Imagine my glee at a restaurant where everything on the menu is a possibility! How to choose when everything is a choice, almost equally delicious and gloriously meat free?

We claim a table and select our meals: southwest wrap for G, and a falafel wrap for me. The wraps arrive, toasted crispy on the outside, and stuffed with deliciousness within. G eats spoonfuls of strawberry banana wheatgrass smoothie, and I fill my mug—endless refills!—with Alterra coffee.

For the next three hours, we eat and work, soaking up the cool coffeehouse vibe. With a high tin ceiling, hardwood floor, and local handmade art lining the walls, the space welcomes you to settle in and stay. A bookcase filled with board games promises hours of friendly competition.

As I work on my dossier—an intensely detailed (and rather repetitive) document due on Tuesday (and the cause of much stress), I sip coffee and relax to the eclectic music—from Carole King to the Smiths.

I can't wait for my next visit, to sample another selection on the menu!


  1. I love Kavarna and right down the street is Vita Raw--a totally vegan and raw foods restaurant. And then just a few buildings away is the Urban Frog--a whole foods deli and cafe. I love the Green Bay has so many options.

  2. hey laura! thanks for stopping by and giving me so many awesome suggestions...i can't wait to explore vita raw and urban frog in the coming months.