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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

twd: chocolate oatmeal addictive almost candy bars

Warning: Do not bake these bars if you are simultaneously trying to re-establish fitness and healthy eating AND suffering from carb craving brought on by seasonal affective disorder.

To me, this week, these bars are insanely delicious. I made a few additions: I used pecans, and toasted them before tossing them into the cookie crust and creamy filling. I used dried cherries in the filling. And, I added toasted coconut to the filling as well. Over-the-top decadence.

This lone bar, long gone, was my last taste. The rest of the bars are packaged up in the freezer, ready to be mailed to far-flung friends for belated holiday gifts.

Thank you, Lillian, of Confectiona's Realm, for selecting this wonderful recipe. I enjoyed baking with you this week!


  1. I really meant to freeze these and mail as gifts, too, but they're all gone. I'll have to make some more! The pecans sound like a delicious addition.

  2. Pecans and cherries sound like a great variation. I had to give these away to keep from eating them.

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Insanely delicious is right! Coconut sounds like a great addition to these. Aren't they calling to you from the freezer?

  4. Pecans!! Tasty. I used cashews and those worked well. Mine didn't last long enough to freeze.