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Thursday, January 14, 2010

daily bliss: whole foods

I know Whole Foods isn't perfect. I know local co-ops are better (for the local economy, for including local foods, etc.). But, to cut down on driving around a city I'm still learning, today I opted to shop at Whole Foods.

You know what they say about kids and candy shops?

Yeah. I go to a Whole Foods/Co-op about four times a year. It's *exciting.*

organic garnet yams (2)
organic yukon gold potatoes (6)
organic red bibb lettuce (1)
organic red pears (3)
organic lacinato/tuscan/black kale (3)
vosges barcelona bar
country dairy whole milk
king arthur unbleached white flour (cheaper than my regular grocery store!)
nature's gate toothpaste
seventh generation fragrance free dish soap
seventh generation fragrance free fabric softener
seventh generation unbleached paper towels

happy dharmagirl:)


  1. We need a food coop in this town, for real! I want a hippie coop like the one in Blacksburg (Eats Natural Foods, holla!). But I would settle for one that would actually carry FOOD, including produce, rather than 1800 types of supplements.

  2. OR, we move to the city...


    (i know, i know. villages and chickens and whatnot...:))