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Saturday, April 04, 2009

daily bliss: allergies

I started my claritin regimen last week, and while I'm *not* looking forward to the allergic moments still liable to break through the drug's shield (tree pollen does me in every year), this is a very clear sign that Spring is asserting herself stronger every day, and Winter is cowering away to a dark, lonely place. Perhaps we should be frightened by my personification of the seasons...but today, I can feel Spring and Winter like two quibbling siblings, fighting for attention.

I bet on Spring.


  1. I agree: Spring will win. Here's hoping you get our weather soon - beautiful sunshine and mild temps today.

    And on the allergy bright side, after having terrible allergies (esp tree pollen) at your age, I seem to have totally grown out of them. Claritin literally saved my life in the Spring; but in the last few years I haven't needed it. Maybe that will happen to you, too! Someone was telling me that our bodies totally replace every cell in 7 year cycles, and allergies run in 7 year cycles, too.

  2. Me too! Winter is SO done! It's time to decorate easter eggs and wear long flowery dresses while warm breezes tickle your hair and senses.