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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

daily bliss: stirring up silliness and de-bunking stereotypes

So yesterday, after receiving some rather sexist comments whilst wearing skirts, my friend B and I had the brilliant idea that we needed a little experiment on campus. We want to know if the comments are only directed at women wearing skirts or if they also apply to men wearing skirts. Not that any men on campus wear skirts...yet. To this end, we've convinced a cadre of our male friends/colleagues to wear skirts on the last day of class. All in the name of science. And feminism.

There are times when I not only love my friends/colleagues, but also really love my job. Where else can men wearing skirts be such a teachable moment, I ask.

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  1. Nowhere! Hehehe! This is too funny! You have to take pictures!