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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

twd: chocolate amaretti torte

I can't seem to write a fabulous narrative this week, much in keeping with my haphazard preparation of the cake in order to meet the deadline. Sigh. I'm sure this cake is lovely, transcendent, even, in its simplicity and speed. My version is so-so, because of hasty construction and random improvisation: no amaretti to be found in this little outpost, and no time to travel far and wide to gather the goods as I was out of town for nearly a week. What's a dharmagirl to do? I used Mi-Del ginger snaps in place of the amaretti, and realized for a second time (the chocolate ginger bread being the first), that chocolate and ginger isn't my favorite flavor combination. Now chocolate and almond, that's a winning pairing. And so another day, another week, I will craft this cake with Dorie's favorite amaretti and swoon. And, I shall glaze it and adorn it with cream, not leave it naked like I have here.

Thanks to Holly of Phe/MOM/enon for choosing this darling recipe. This has been a crazy few weeks and I'm trying to finding balance...I'm afraid that will really happen only after this semester is finished.


  1. It does look moist and yummy tho'! I am not a big fan of choco and ginger, but I did like the gingerbread. Someone else tried nilla wafers and said that worked. Hope it works out better next time....

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Too bad it didn't work out for you. I love chocolate/ginger so you can just package it up and send it out to me! :P

  3. Good improvisation -- too bad you didn't like it! Oh well, on to next week.

  4. I like chocolate and ginger sometimes (didn't like that choc gingerbread at all!) and can see why you didn't want to throw good after bad, so to speak, and left it naked. Poor you! Sorry about all the stress - the end of the semester can't be too far, right? In the meanwhile, here's a tip: the TWD for next week (chocolate cream tart) is a true gem. No difficult ingredients, just three elements that combine perfectly together. Make that and you'll forget all about amaretti. And ginger snaps!