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Friday, June 26, 2009

daily bliss: fireflies

A soft summer night...

Working in the garden as the sun settles behind the trees, out over the river. Fixing big salads with fresh garden greens, slicing local cheese and bakery bread. Pouring glasses of wine and beer. Listening to eight year old V's silly, smart stories, and feeling flattered that she wants to sit next to me. Eating and chatting and laughing into the darkness. Cutting slices of cake. Watching sphinx moths and the first firefly of the season flit around the table, searching for something. Turning the highbeams on as I drive home in the inky night, under the panoply of stars. Sipping green tea before I fall asleep, preparing for another day of fabulous summer fun...


  1. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Hey Dharmagirl--just happened upon your blog, it's very nice and the pictures are beautiful. I'm from Michigan so I know the lake from the other side ;-) I just started an Italian food blog at


    stop on by!

  2. thanks for stopping by, john!