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Monday, June 29, 2009

daily bliss: summer fashion

Summer is my favorite time of year for clothing:

Floaty dresses. Mini-skirts. Super soft knit tees and tanks. White linen pants. Beachy hair. Hats. Straw handbags. Sandals. Flip-flops. Bright pink toenails. Sunscreen. Lip gloss.

As a sometimes follower of fashion trends, I noticed--with horror--that Summer fashions were skewing towards maxi dresses and skirts. Tiered prairie skirts. Voluminous shirts (read: looks like maternity wear even if the wearer is most decidedly not preggers). Gladiator sandals. To quote G (out of context), "ACK! GAH!"

A trip to TJMaxx with B last week revealed ever more fashion abominations, namely a strapless polyester jumpsuit, complete with a matching poly fringe trimmed belt. (which could, the tag proudly proclaimed, be converted into pants.)

(in the interest of "research," i tried on the aforementioned monstrosity...B and I laughed so hard we could no longer hear the strains of Miley Cyrus filtering into the dressing room.)

This past weekend I set out to chronicle the up-to-the-minute real life fashions of everyday people attending Summerfest in Milwaukee. I saw many a maxi dress and skirt, some so long they trailed on the dirty pavement. I saw many gladiator sandals. I saw quite a few dresses worn over capri leggings. These trend-followers, a minority, were scattered throughout crowds of eclectic sartorial display.

Among the delights:
* An older man sporting a bright purple mesh tank top (non-ironically)
* A youngish woman wearing a micro bejangled and bespangled belly dancing skirt
* Several elementary school aged kids with faces painted for the KISS concert ("Daddy, why are you painting my face? It isn't Halloween!")
* A young woman wearing white patent leather go-go boots, black and white horizontal striped tights, a tiny shiny white mini skirt, and a black pleather vest

Above all, the most popular item of clothing was the quippy-phrase-tee-shirt:
* Pain is weakness leaving the body
* Real Women Drink Miller Lite
* You can't drink beer all day...if you don't start drinking in the morning
* Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happy Hour
* I like Beer
* Beer is Good
* Made in Wisconsin

(and, yes, i did keep my little notebook and pen handy to write down such sayings, with the help of my companions:)

And as for me? I may not have been the trendiest or best-dressed Summerfest attendee, but for the two days I wore summer clothes that made me happy:

Floaty dress. Sandals. Shorts. Layered tank and dressy tee. Straw bag. Pink toenails. Sunscreen. Lip gloss. Blissful smile.


  1. LOVE IT. So glad you took notes.

    I honestly think G has some talent for fashion commentary, because for some of those choices, I believe "ACK! GAH!" is the only appropriate response.

    No "Snark and booze keep me interesting" shirts, then? Too bad.

  2. wishokie, nope on the "snark + booze" tees. hee! but i think you might could start a cafe press shop with that phrase for shirts and bags and stuffs. and, i stole g's words out of context for this one...

  3. The "snark and booze" shirts would sell! That cracked me up.

    I wonder why so many of the shirts you saw over the weekend had beer-related themes. Hmm...wasn't expecting that. (and you forgot to mention the dork who wore a "Guiness" T-shirt, but spent much of the weekend with Miller products in his hand. that might could be a sin.)

  4. gregg, excellent use of the double modal. now you can impress your friends and relatives with some fine southernisms. (i think the guiness/miller juxtaposition was fairly inspired. brilliant, even. definitely *not* a fashion don't.)

  5. Too funny! Would have LOVED to have seen you in the jumpsuit:) Was it like that one that Heather liked so much??? he-he