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Friday, June 12, 2009

daily bliss: poetic moments

Inspired by the Kathryn Gahl poetry reading last night, I share with you five, no, six, of my (many) favorite poems...

1. "Sunday Morning," Wallace Stevens. my most favorite poem. lush word use. stunning message. deep. dense. a poem that makes the reader work a little.

2. "Buddhist Barbie," Denise Duhamel. sassy. silly.

3. "Homer-Erotic," Chuck Rybak. hi-larious. witty.

4. "For the Eighth-Grade Girl Writing Love Lyrics," Kathryn Gahl. not my absolute favorite poem of hers, but my favorite of those online:) i like the message, the gift of "wisdom" shared.

5. "I Dwell in Possibility," Emily Dickinson. one of my most favorite Emily poems, so expansive and happy (which is so often not the case in her poetry:)

6. "Among the Things He Does Not Deserve," Dan Albergotti. a wonderfully image-studded list poem.

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